Sensor Signal Processing

Sensor Signal Processing

The course builds upon the lecture Sensor Technology.

  • MSc. ETiT, MSc. MEC, MSc. WI-ETiT
  • Summer semester
  • approximately 30 students
  • 2 SWS (3 CP)
  • Module number: 18-kn-2130

The lecture focuses on methods and procedures to describe, analyze and process data from different sensors. This includes descriptive and structure analyzing statistical methods, analysis of time, frequency and latency in sensor circuits, data fusion algorithms, uncertainty assessment, model-based data analysis, machine learning, and design of experiments. Certain aspects are further detailed in lab practices.

The lecture aims to convey procedures and methods to analyze sensor data in order to make reasonable assumptions about measureing results and to design advanced sensor systems.

Recommended literature

  • Slides and notes of the lecture
  • H.-R. Tränkler, L. M. Reindl: Sensortechnik – Handbuch für Praxis und Wissenschaft. Springer Verlag, 2014
  • U. Tietze, Ch. Schenk: Halbleiter-Schaltungstechnik, Springer Verlag, 2009