Measurement Technology

Measurement Technology

The course builds upon the lectures ETiT I – III, Mathematics I – III, as well as Electronic Circuits.

  • BSc. ETiT, BSc. MEC, BSc. MedTec, BSc. WI-ETiT
  • Summer semester
  • approximately 250 students
  • 2 SWS lecture, 1 SWS exercise (4 CP)
  • Module number: 18-kn-1011

The course covers the topics measurement signals and equipment (especially oscilloscopes and laboratory instruments), measurement uncertainty and disturbance variables, basic measurement circuits, principles of analoge-digital-conversion and filters, as well as selected measurement principles for force, flow and temperature.

The exercise analyses the lecture topics with typical examples and applications. The lecture contents are closely connected to the contents of the measurement lab, that is also included in the module. This allows for a prompt practical application of the theoretical concepts.

Slides and sample solutions as well as video recordings of lecture and exercise are supplied via Moodle. Furthermore, several tests allow autonomous reviews of pre-requisites and course content.

The module aims at providing the neccessary abilities to analyze a measurement task, to find suitable solutions, and to evaluate the quality of the results.

Recommended Literature

  • Slides, sample solutions and records of the lecture and exercise
  • Praktikumsunterlagen
  • R. Lerch: Elektrische Messtechnik, Springer Verlag, 2012
  • R. Lerch, M. Kaltenbacher, M. Lindinger, F. Sutor: Elektrische Messtechnik – Übungsbuch, Springer Verlag, 2005