Ausgewählte Kapitel der Mess- und Sensortechnik

Topics of Measurement and Sensor Technology

The course builds upon the lectures Measurement, Sensor Technology, and Sensor Signal Processing.

  • MSc. ETiT, MSc. MEC, MSc. MedTec
  • Winter semester
  • About 8-20 students
  • 1 SWS lecture, 1 SWS seminary tesk
  • Module number: 18-kn-2140

This module aims at a transfer of theoretical knowledge from already passed classes into practical applications in measurement and sensor technology. The module addresses special applications of sensors and sensor systems as well as measurement methods in the context of current research topics.

This is done by dedicated, regularly updated lectures and a seminary assignment in small groups. Assignment presentation (oral and written) will serve as evaluation basis of the module. It is intended to demonstrate the usage of existing knowledge in new contexts and similar tasks without a close supervision, a common situation while writing a thesis or starting into a first job.

Recommended Literature

  • Slides and records of the lecture
  • F. Prins & N. Kingdom: Psychophysics
  • A. Field: Discovering Statistics using R / SPSS