Christian Laufs M.Sc.


work +49 2407 577-5078

Work Ebertstraße 30a
52134 Herzogenrath

Research Interests

  • Noise impact research with physiological measurements
  • Biosignal processing and analysis
  • Psychoacoustics


Christian Laufs received his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, RWTH Aachen University, Germany, in 2020. He specialized in Biomedical Systems Engineering and conducted his master thesis on „ Correlation of psychoacoustic parameters with the physiological parameter of skin conductance to assess extra-aural noise effects“.

Since 2021 he works as a research engineer at HEAD acoustics GmbH and since 2022 he is PhD student at KIS*MED, where his studies focus on the use of physiological measurements to detect human reactions on different sound events.

Open Theses/Jobs