Completing the doctoral examination procedure


Submissions required after successfully passing your viva

To the Dean’s Office:

  • print approval signed by your lead supervisor
  • confirmation from Kittler Student Center that all media have been returned
  • In case of Electronic publication at the server for university publications of TU Darmstadt
    • Please submit the Declaration for the Publication of Electronic Documents
      • The inquired “Versionierungsnummer” is based on the signing date of the print approval by your lead supervisor followed by your surname and given name.
        Please use the following format YYYY-MM-DD_Surname_Given Name
        The filename of your electronic publication has to be labeled accordingly.
  • confirmation from ULB that your thesis has been deposited (will be submitted to the Dean's Office by ULB)

To the ULB:


  • six copies if your thesis has been published by a publishing house

Please note that according to § 21 (1) of TU Darmstadt’s General Doctoral Degree Regulations, you are only permitted to carry the doctoral degree once you have received your doctoral certificate. According to §20 (1) the publication has to take place within one year after the oral exam.