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  • 2019/06/22

    The Resilient Digital City

    New LOEWE center with 17.4 million euros in funding

    The TU Darmstadt can establish a new center as part of the Hessian research funding programme LOEWE – it is entitled „The Resilient Digital City“ and will be funded by the end of 2023 with a total of 17.4 million euros. This was announced by the Hessian Ministry of Science. Several professors of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (etit) are involved in the joint project.

  • 2019/06/18

    Cool technology

    Freezing living cells under the light mircoscope

    Professor Thomas Burg freezes living cells and organisms under the light microscope without a time delay. His aim: a better link between light and electron microscopy.

  • 2019/05/16

    TUDay 2019 at etit

    Open-door-day widely used

    Which etit degree programme suits me? Do I need prior knowledge in mathematics? And what is Biomedical Engineering, Mechatronics and co all about? With these and many other questions in mind, students came to our annually TUDay at our faculty.

  • 2019/05/07

    Outstanding results for etit

    Department receives excellent ratings from HR managers and students

    Germany's human resources managers rate etit as one of the top electrical engineering and information technology departments in Germany. This is the result of the current university career ranking of the „WirtschaftsWoche“. The CHE University Ranking 2019, based on a survey with undergraduate students, also shows top marks for the department.