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  • 2018/12/19

    The virtual cancer patient

    Research in biomedical engineering

    At the interface between biology and algorithms: Professor Heinz Koeppl and his team develop computer models for personalised medicine.

  • 2018/11/23

    Paving the way: an accelerator on a microchip

    Electrical engineers at the TU developed design as part of international collaboration

    Electrical engineers in the accelerator physics group at TU Darmstadt have developed a design for a laser-driven electron accelerator so small it could be produced on a silicon chip. It would be inexpensive and with multiple applications. The design, which has been published in Physical Review Letters, is now being realised as part of an international collaboration.

  • 2018/08/15

    Dedicated Commitment to the Research Group

    Associations enrich research, teaching and life at the department

    As in many other areas of society, universities function primarily through the great commitment of their members. At the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology there are three associations that take this task particularly seriously and complement and strengthen research and teaching through their voluntary commitment.