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Future signal processing engineers win IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2015

02.06.2015 von

The „Signal Processing Crew Darmstadt“ from the Signal Processing Group in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (etit) won the prestigious IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2015 against numerous international competitors. The competition specifically addressed student researchers and took place at the 40th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2015 in Brisbane, Australia.

The winning team. Picture: Tim Schäck

The challenge of the competition, in which more than 50 student research teams from all around the world participated, was to monitor the heart rate during physical exercise using wrist-type photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals. The light sensors, that are currently used in almost all electronic wrist bands and smartwatches, are very sensitive and prone to motion artifacts. Thus, the main challenge was to reduce the impact of these motion artifacts and to precisely and reliably estimate the heart rate.

Smartwatch. Picture: Tim Schäck

The team from Darmstadt met this challenge and succeeded against the teams from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Soongsil University (South Korea) in the final top three competition of the IEEE Processing Cup 2015 in Australia. Besides the award, the young student researchers received a prize money of 5.000 U.S. dollar. We congratulate the students Christian Sledz, Hauke Radtki, Maximilian Hüttenrauch, Patrick Wenzel, Bastian Alt, Alaa Alameer and their supervisors Tim Schäck and Michael Muma on this great achievement.