Girls' Day also a great success digitally

All places fully booked

28.05.2021 von

Experience electrical engineering! At the first digital Girls' Day, schoolgirls gained insights into the various areas of electrical engineering. Online experiments or videos, teamwork and a quiz challenged the curiosity of the young participants. The new format was organized by the department's gender equality team.

Blitzerzeugung, Faraday’scher Käfig

On 22.04.2021 it was that time again. The annual Girls'Day or Girls' Future Day of the department etit took place, but this year in online format due to the pandemic. Even in its new form, the event was a complete success: all 20 openings were booked out.

The students were given insights into the various areas of electrical engineering in a Zoom meeting. In the process, they learned about the diversity of lighting, medical and high-voltage technology. Exciting online experiments and videos with lightning, light and pulse oximetry were demonstrated and explained by the scientific staff of the Light Engineering (Max Wagner) and High Voltage Engineering (Martin Hallas) Labs, as well as Medical Engineering student Inga Königstein.

Furthermore, there was group work, question rounds and feedback to involve the participants in the online format as well. In a quiz, everyone was able to prove their newly acquired knowledge of interesting facts from electrical engineering.

The event was organized by Emna Zoghlami EP Ayari and Anissa Hadhri from the department's gender equality team. The participants, who came from all over Germany, were enthusiastic about the day. In the feedbacks, especially the videos about the flash generation and the online experiments about the used light technique in pulse oximetry were found to be very exciting. At the end, there was feedback that the girls also wanted to recommend Girls'Day at etit to their classmates.

Lumineszenz bei LED-Leuchtstoffen im UV-Licht
Lumineszenz bei LED-Leuchtstoffen im UV-Licht