Outstanding master’s thesis in lighting technology

etit student receives LiTG Young Talent Award

11.05.2021 von

How can the cultivation of plants be optimised in the face of ever-increasing demand and limited space? Tim Hegemann explored this question in his master's thesis in the Research Group of Lighting Technology at the Department etit. His innovative research was honoured by the LiTG with its Young Talent Award.

Picture of seedlings
Picture of seedlings

In his master's thesis, Tim Hegemann investigates the interrelationships of various parameters that can describe plant growth. To do this, he uses non-destructive spectral measurement methods to determine plant weight and compares these with the actual measurements. Because: An important, if not the most important factor to be able to make statements about the growth of plants is their weight.

Using a camera, the etit student recorded plant images and used the number of pixels belonging to the plant to determine the visible leaf area. He also calculated vegetation indices based on measurements with a spectrometer and a spectral sensor, which he examined for correlations with weight.

Using these correlations, he formed models that make it conditionally possible to determine plant weight. The long-term goal is to optimise the cultivation of plants on our shrinking farmland – and thus increase food production.

LiTG Young Scientists Award

The „LiTG Young Talent Award Light | Technology | Design“ is awarded every two years on the occasion of the European Lighting Congress „LICHT“. The prize is awarded to submissions by students and graduates from all lighting disciplines (technology, planning, design) that contain a remarkable achievement or an original idea.