PC-Pool Policy

1. The PC-Pools serve educational purposes only (lab exercises and personal learning), they are not intended for private usage. The PC-Pools are located at: S3|06 021, S3|06 069 and S3|21 1.

2. In order to access the computers at the PC-Pools, application for an account is necessary. Only etit students (FB18) and the academic staff are eligible to apply for a user account. If an account is necessary for educational purposes, e.g. lab exercises or research (student assistants), students from other departments may also apply for an account. The registration for an account is only possible by online application.

3. Note: Accounts that have been closed due to policy violation will be terminated automatically three months after the initial violation. Users can, however, apply for the reactivation of their account. With every reactivation, users will receive an accompanying warning. Reactivation is only possible if the account hasn't been terminated yet. The third warning will lead to the termination of the user account. If you exceed your data quota and your account has been deactivated with an accompanying warning, you have to undercut the quota within a week, otherwise you will receive another warning.

4. Current information like opening hours or booking plans will be announced in front of the PC-Pool rooms.

5. Lab exercises have higher priority than private usage. During lab exercises the PC-Pools are closed for non-participants. Personal usage of free computers during this time is not allowed.

6. The following computer activities are not tolerated:

  • any changes to hardware and the installed software, installing software, especially file sharing software.
  • any kind of access to other user accounts (Usage of password cracking software, usage of foreign identifications, private net connections, etc..)
  • viewing, storing or spreading any pornographic, racist, copyright-violating or terroristic material.
  • all activities abusing the university or its members.
  • using gaming software or net-based games.

7. Private personal data may not be accessed or saved on PC-Pool computers. PC-Pool administrators are authorized to access any saved data on the PC-Pool workstations or servers if there are problems or when suspicious activity has been detected.

8. Each session has to be terminated with a logout from the system to avoid unauthorized access. Switching off the workstations is not permitted. Pressing Reset is not permitted. Workstations have to be clean when leaving the PC-pool.

9. Beverages, food and smoking in the PC-Pool area is not permitted. Littering is prohibited, any kind of litter has to be disposed of.

10. Users should immediately inform PC-Pool administrators about any discovered damage or deficiencies. (See information board or send an email to ).

11. Employees of the PC-pool administration are authorized to give instructions in the PC-Pool areas. Their arrangements and rules are obligatory for the usage of PC-Pool computers. The user is required to be able to show their user authorization (student ID card or Personal ID card) at any time.

12. Only eligible users are allowed to use the PC-Pool. You agree to this policy by entering the PC-Pools.

13. Operator's liability / disclaimer

The operator assumes no liability that the functions of the system meet the requirements of the users and that all systems are running error-free.

Also it can not be guaranteed that the stored data will remain intact and confidential against destruction and manipulation.

The operator is not liable for objects left or lost by the user. The operator is not liable for any kind of damage that results from using the PC-Ppool ressources.