Assisted Learning Center KSC – Kittler Student Center

KSC nach der Sanierung
Kittler Student Center after renovation

Place and Opening Hours

From the beginning of winter semester 2012/13, Kittler Student Center (KSC) replaces the former department library NTB as assisted learning centre throughout its opening hours.

The KSC is located at the Hans-Busch-Institute (Building S3|06), Merckstraße 25, 64283 Darmstadt. The learning center is in the first upper floor (room number 151) and is accessible about lift or stairwell with exit to Landgraf-Georg-Straße. From the main entrance at the corner of Merckstraße or the court entrance one reaches the KSC by crossing the first upper floor up to the new lift.

You may also find current and additional information at our Facebook homepage. There the interested students can get information about individual areas of expertise and competences of the on-site tutors from the HiWi team.: KSC in Facebook

After completion of the construction work, the KSC removed from 4th floor of the ULB to its ancestral seat with unchanged conception and its textbooks. Since the reopening at 7th October 2013 all frequent services are available in room number 151. The opening ceremony took place at 5th November 2013.

During the construction works the interior room was completely renovated and new designed. The original strategy of Ernst Neufert, the famous architect, who planned and built the NTB in 1973, formed the basis of the modern renovation concept of 2012. 88 workplaces with individual illumination and electrical power supply are established.

Indoor, mechanical ventilation, heating and lighting are completely modernized. Beside new windows the front of the building and the roof are totally restored.

In Hans-Busch Institute, the opening hours of KSC are tailored to meet the practical requirements of the students. Hence, the KSC is open from 9 am to 7 pm weekdays (Monday to Friday) during the semester. During the examination period, the opening hours are extended from 9 am to 9 pm.

Further opening hours are: 24/06/19 to 27/09/19: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m., 30/09/19 to 20/12/19: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.

The Kittler Student Center will be closed from 23/12/2019 to 3/1/2020.

The assisted learning center KSC and its key activities are a subject of an agreement between University and Regional Library (ULB) and FB 18. The main contents of this agreement can be found here: Future_KSC

Internationales Team
International KSC-team

International Team and Athene Award

The KSC is managed by a team consisting of a qualified scientific librarian and many student HiWis from different disciplines of FB 18. Currently ten persons work in the consciously chosen international HiWi team. As a result, information is available in different native languages as well as English and French.

The KSC team combines from study related help to preparation for individual exams with the technical literature in KSC. The line between the students, who need advice, and the tutors, who give the advice, is largely removed.

Because of its intercultural and social competence, the KSC team contributes significantly towards the welcome culture of FB 18 and TU Darmstadt. It offers an ideal induction for foreign students to find a contact person across the language boundaries and opening access to learning groups.

In particular for the mentoring and assistance of international students the KSC management received the Athene Award for Excellent Teaching in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology 2017, also a special recognition of the engagement of the central library in the KSC.

The Athene Award for Excellent Teaching is given each year since 2010 to individual persons, working groups or divisions of faculties and departments. Nominations refer to best-practice-models and include concepts, arrangements, procedures, projects, lectures, personal engagement, or other approaches to improve teaching.

In the journal hoch3, the periodical of the Technical University of Darmstadt, an article of the journalist Eva Keller about the Kittler Student Center, its concept an the international HiWi team was published in April 2013. Text (in German)

Studienliteratur als Präsenzbestand
Latest textbooks for on-site use

Technical Literature

The latest technical literature from all disciplines is of great importance. This collection is continuously updated using the project resources of FB 18. The specific requests of students are also executed quickly and easily. Currently around 2.100 titles are available for on-site use. This stock (“Red Section”) is not borrowable.

It also has a centrally located collection of reference books (so called 'Handapparat') of institutes and disciplines, which involves usually older basic literature. Currently 1.700 such books are available at KSC. Approximately one-half of this reference collection is currently lent out to the scientific staff of the FB 18. Students, who are interested in these lent-out titles, are directed to the corresponding scientific staff by the KSC team. Borrowing and returning of the titles of the central reference collection by the authorized employees of FB 18 is possible directly in KSC during the service hours.

The dissertations of the department are dismantled in favor of a second element with 32 lockers. The dissertations can be found and borrowed at the ULB.

The thesis works (bachelor, master and diploma) are no longer part of the collection of KSC. Interested persons must contact the offices of the institutes directly.

For studying and guidance, the collection of scripts is of great value. Most of the scripts of the professors from all institutes of ETiT department can be obtained from the KSC collection.

The list of literature will be carried out in the established NTB scheme, which maps the strongly differential institutes of electrical engineering in an easily comprehensible form.

The stock of KSC can be searched using the catalog portal of central library of ULB. Using this facility, it is also possible to book online from ULB and cancelling orders from inter-libraries.

At the homepage of the ULB specific informations on electrical engineering could be found here Specific information electrical engineering

Research terminal at KSC

Trial Presentations and Electronic Media

The TU Darmstadt has licensed many databases and electronic journals. These offers are available over all computers with IP address of TU. In KSC, there are research terminals, using which the electronic journals can be accessed. The KSC team is also available for researching special literature and databases. It also offers required training at individual or group levels.

In addition, special counsel and instruction offers of the KSC are established. Interested students may fix a date for a trial presentation of their bachelor or master thesis under real conditions. Two members of the KSC-team make an evaluation and give suggestions for improvement of speech and PowerPoint sheets. For these trial presentations both the room of training course of the ULB and abroad convenient rooms at Hans-Busch-Institute are available.

Aside, the KSC offers two one hour tutorials on correct quotation, preparing lists of references and on lectures, making presentations.

Arbeitsplatz im KSC
Workplace at KSC

Technical Infrastructure and Script sales

The KSC at Hans-Busch Institute provides a copy machine with scan function and a WLAN printer. The payment can be made either in cash or by using the Athena card.

In KSC, a binding machine is also available. Plastic binding-spines, covers and cartons can be purchased at inexpensive prices directly on-site.

Scripts are also sold by the KSC. The following scripts are currently available:

1.) Binder: Energy Converters – Skript und Übungen (7,50 Euro)

2.) Binder: Großgeräte und Hochleistungsantriebe (3,50 Euro)

3.) Jakoby: Nachrichtentechnik (6,50 Euro)

4.) Klein: Kommunikationstechnik I (5,00 Euro)

5.) Klein: Kommunikationstechnik II (5,00 Euro)

6.) Konigorski: Digitale Regelungssysteme I und II – Skript (3,50 Euro)

7.) Konigorski: Digitale Regelungssysteme I und II – Übungen (5,00 Euro)

8.) Konigorski: Mehrgrößenreglerentwurf im Zustandsraum – Skript (4,00 Euro)

9.) Konigorski: Mehrgrößenreglerentwurf im Zustandsraum – Übungen (4,00 Euro)

10.) Konigorski: Systemdynamik und Regelungstechnik I (4,00 Euro)

11.) Schlaak: Management für Ingenieure (7,00 Euro)

12.) Schlaak: Mikrosystemtechnik I (5,00 Euro)

13.) Schlaak: Technologie der Mikro- und Feinwerktechnik (9,00 Euro)

14.) Schlaak: Technologie der Mikrosystemtechnik (6,50 Euro)

15.) Weiland: Grundlagen der Elektrodynamik und Technische Elektrodynamik (4,50 Euro)

16.) Zoubir: Digital Signal Processing (2,50 Euro)

17.) Zoubir: Fundamentals of Signal Processing (2,50 Euro)

18.) Laborbuch zu EMK-Praktika (3,00 Euro)

Gemeinsames Lernen
Working together as part of a team


After the renovation, there are currently 88 workplaces with a possibility of individual and group work in peaceful environment in KSC. As provided at the ULB bottles with water are permitted in the activity area. Other beverages and food are disallowed.

Own working material and laptops can also be brought in KSC.

Ear protection for undisturbed learning is available well-priced on demand. Some small USB ventilators are offered. They can be taken to the workplaces against deposit.

64 lockers are available for the usage of KSC in Hans-Busch-Institute. All the lockers must be emptied before the closure of the learning centre in the evening. The could be used for a deposit (current student card).


The KSC is integrated into the WLAN infrastructure. However, the workplaces in the learning centre should be used especially for course related learning and work. For surfing the Internet, please use the PC-pool of FB 18.

Erasmus Kittler (1852 – 1929)

The assisted learning center is named after one of the most important pioneers of electrical engineering. Erasmus Kittler, born 1852 in Schwabach near Nuremberg, has an outstanding importance for the TU Darmstadt and furthermore.

After studies, graduation and postdoctoral lecture qualification Kittler established the first worldwide chair in electrical engineering at TU Darmstadt. He organized the first quadrennial course of graduate studies.

Kittler generated the division in a basic study period with fundamentals as mathematics and physics and an advanced study period with specialization.

In the years 1886 and 1890 he published with his Handbuch der Elektrotechnik (two volumes) a standard work of this field of knowledge.

In 1915 he retired and conferred a honorary doctorate at the TU Darmstadt. Erasmus Kittler deceased 1929 in Darmstadt at the age of 76 years.


Kittler Student Center (KSC)

Merckstraße 25, 64283 Darmstadt

Telephone KSC Service Counter: (06151) 16-20329

Responsible person: Holger Bergmann

Mail: h.bergmann(at)nt.tu-darmstadt.de or ntb.hiwi(at)nt.tu-darmstadt.de

Catalog portal: KSC search

Facebook: Kittler Student Center (KSC)